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Frequently Asked Questions

  • If I'm male or LGBTQ, can I still work with you?
    Of course! I believe passionately in equality. While I tend to work most often with female executives and their partners, if you're financially responsible, want a well-organized financial life, a coach to hold you accountable and are serious about accomplishing meaningful goals, I could be the financial planner for you. There's no obligation to schedule an intro call to see if we're a fit. If not, I'm happy to refer you to another financial planner who might be.
  • Can we work together even if I don't live in Colorado?
    Absolutely! I utilize Zoom and other technology that allows me to work with clients throughout the U.S. in a virtual capacity.
  • What services do you offer, and how are you compensated?
    As a fee-only planner, I'm always transparent about what I charge, which includes: Comprehensive Financial Planning The initial financial planning engagement costs between $4,000 - $7,500 during the first year, based on the complexity of your financial situation. You can choose from monthly or quarterly payments. ​After the first year, you have the option to renew our planning engagement for an ongoing annual fee. Investment Management I don't receive commissions for trades. Instead, I charge an asset management (AUM) fee of 1.25% or less of your account balance each year from your account, based on asset amount. Specific fees are calculated during our initial meeting together.
  • What does fee-only compensation mean?
    As a fee-only financial planner, I'm compensated directly by my clients for financial advice and ongoing investment management. I don't receive commissions or kickbacks from financial or insurance products, which minimizes conflicts and ensures I'm acting as a fiduciary.
  • Do you act in a fiduciary capacity? What does this mean?
    Yes I do. This means I'm under oath and law to put your best interest first and to act in a transparent manner by providing you with all the relevant facts. I strive to offer advice that's both accurate and thorough. This is the highest legal and ethical standard for financial advisors.
  • What is life-focused financial planning?
    I consider myself a life-centered financial planner. I believe that once you and I have a good understanding of your core values and what drives you to achieve your goals, you'll be motivated to make positive, lasting changes in your financial life.
  • Is the financial planning experience a one-time deal?
    In a word, no. Whether you lack the time, skill or discipline, I'll motivate you to remain proactive about taking action on your financial plan. It’d be easy to put my recommendations on paper and let you walk away, but if someone isn’t in your corner looking out for your financial well-being, it’s easy to get off track. My approach is based on creating an action plan that's unique to you. Life changes, and so should your plan. With that said, if you're just looking for advice on a topic or two, you can engage with me on an hourly basis. Schedule an introductory call for an estimate.
  • Why Life Story Financial vs another firm or a robo-advisor?
    It's important to let clients know I'm considered “independent.” That means I'm not required to sell proprietary investment products or a one-size-fits-all approach. I first develop a partnership with my clients and share customized advice before offering solutions. And while I realize that technology solves many money and investment challenges, it can also dehumanize the financial planning process. Answers aren’t always black and white, and emotions can make it more difficult to achieve financial success.
  • Is there a cost for the initial call and meeting?
    No, there is no cost for the intro call or exploration meeting. I first want to discuss your goals and aspirations to determine if we're the best fit for each other.
  • Does Life Story Financial hold my money?
    No, the firm does not hold custody over client assets.
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