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If you know someone who has ever said something like:

  • "I keep ignoring my finances because I get overwhelmed just thinking about it."

  • "I want to slow down or retire soon but have no idea when I can do that or how to prepare."

  • "My partner always took care of our finances. Now that I’m on my own, I don’t know what I should do."

  • “My small business needs to offer employees access to a retirement plan. Who can help me figure that out?”

They might benefit from working with a financial planner like me. I'm different because I start by identifying the “why” behind my clients’ money before diving into money-related topics like income, cash flow, taxes, investments and retirement.

Working with a financial planner can help someone:  

  • Increase their confidence when making financial decisions.

  • Talk through emotionally difficult life changes that affect money, like divorce or death.

  • Anticipate and prepare for life transitions like marriage, a new job, a career downsize or retirement.

Who is my ideal client?

I specialize in working with clients who are mid- to late-career working in a corporate leadership role or own a small- to mid-sized business. They are willing to talk openly about their life and money, want help making financial decisions and are ready to take action with their finances.

How am I compensated?

I charge a flat fee for financial planning and an asset-based fee for investment management and employer retirement plans, instead of earning commissions from selling products. I’m independent, so am not affiliated with a brokerage firm, bank or insurance company.

Sample email introduction

You can cut and paste from below to send someone my information.


Michelle Francis is a fee-only financial planner that helps her clients feel less overwhelmed about their finances and more prepared for the future. You recently mentioned [fill in their concern here]. I believe you could benefit from scheduling a free consultation with her. You can click here for her online calendar and her direct contact information is below.




Phone: 720-307-8901 

I hope this helps,


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