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Investment Management 
to Support Your Plan

Our investment decisions are too often driven by emotions and fears instead of being based on facts. These short-term behaviors can get in the way of accomplishing your long-term financial goals. I'll educate you about the investment strategies available to you individually and for your small business.

Investment Philosophy

Investing shouldn't focus on trying to time the market, but rather time in the market.


Don't let day-to-day market fluctuations get you off course.


A properly constructed portfolio that's well-diversified, tax-efficient and within your comfort level for risk can help you achieve your goals over the long-term.  

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Investment Approach

As an independent financial advisor, I have access to well-known and unique investment solutions.


Updated risk management techniques allow for more equity exposure with a steadier experience during market downturns.


Small-business retirement plans, securities-backed lines of credit and cash solutions are also available.

Investment Management Pricing

Investment management for individual accounts and small-business retirement plans are billed an annual asset-based (AUM) fee between 0.60% - 1.25% of account balance, based on account type, size and investment strategy.

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