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Life-Focused Financial Planning Experience

Let me help you rewrite your money story. If you're like most people, your financial decisions are informed by your past. That's where my planning process begins, followed by identifying your life goals and reframing how you think about your finances. From there, we'll work together to connect your money to your life and develop a plan of action aligned to what's most important to you.

Why Take a Life-Focused Approach to
Financial Planning?

Traditional financial planning tends to cover only money-related topics. While analyzing your income, cash flow, investments and taxes is important, what typically gets left out is you.

The numbers won't matter if your plan fails to take into account your key values and life goals.

While we'll definitely do a deep dive into your finances, my approach begins by helping you focus on the "why" behind your money.

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To make sure you're not overwhelmed by information, the initial planning engagement takes place over three to four in-person and/or virtual meetings. During these, we'll focus on the life and financial topics most relevant to your unique situation.

And because life happens and your needs change, my ongoing financial planning engagement is designed to keep you on track. It includes annual goal-setting and progress reviews, financial plan updates, support through life's big changes and investment management and advice. 

Phase 1: Explore and Engage​

  • Focus on your life values and top financial goals

  • Create your statement of financial purpose

  • Review and analyze your financial data

  • Analyze your cash flow, debt, savings, investments, work benefits, insurance and taxes

  • Explore areas for improvement 

Phase 3: Envision and Take Action​


  • Recommend and implement investment strategies

  • Review your action plan and timeline

  • Organize documents in financial life organizer 

  • Bring it all together with a one-page plan summary and progress report 

Phase 2: Clarify and Plan​

  • Discuss your expectations and concerns 

  • Clarify how your current situation might affect your long-term and retirement goals

  • Identify planning obstacles to overcome

  • Model various timing, cash flow, savings and tax scenarios to improve your plan

Phase 4: Monitor Progress

  • ​To keep you on track, we'll meet and touch base throughout the year to:

  • Update and refine your plan​​

  • Monitor and celebrate your progress 

  • Provide support through life's transitions  
  • Address new financial topics and concerns

Financial Topics We Might Explore

Financial Planning Pricing

The fee for the initial financial planning engagement costs between $3,500 - $5,500, based on your income and assets. You can choose from monthly or quarterly payments, or pay a one-time fee at plan completion.

After the first year, you have the option to renew our planning engagement for an ongoing annual fee.

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