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Whatever your money story, Life Story Financial can help you make positive changes and informed decisions—so you can worry less and enjoy more!

Life-Focused Financial Planning for Independent Women and Female-Headed Households

Are you feeling stuck when it comes to taking action in your financial life? Maybe you're too busy between work and family, aren't sure how to talk to your partner about money-related decisions or you're independent, but feel financially unprepared even as a mid- to late-career professional.

I'll listen to your concerns and help you sort it out with a financial plan that tells you what's going on, what needs to happen and what to do during each life chapter. By helping you gain confidence in your financial decisions, you'll free up more time and energy to enjoy your life, family and career!

As a Woman, You Face Unique Challenges

Financial Planning for Women
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But You Don't Have to Face Those Challenges Alone!

Sure, you can read up on how best to manage your finances—if you've got the time and desire to do so. What's harder to deal with on your own are the emotions that money can bring to the surface. Working with a financial advisor can help you:​​

Learn to talk more effectively about finances with a partner or family members.

Identify your top life and financial goals—and how to achieve them.

Talk through emotionally difficult life changes that affect money, like divorce or death.

Prepare for big transitions like a marriage, new job, career downsize or retirement.

Explore your options when it's time to make a financial decision.

Get (and keep!) your financial house in order.

What to Know About Working with Me​

I'm Michelle Francis, a fee-only financial advisor. I offer life-focused financial planning, retirement planning, investments and small-business retirement plans in person in the Denver Metro area and virtually across the U.S.

I believe open and honest conversations about life and money can lead to overall well-being. That's why I’m passionate about hearing your unique story to learn what’s most important about money—and life—to you.

As a busy working mom to three, I know it's hard enough to find time for family and career, let alone to manage your money. That's why I take a thoughtful but efficient approach to planning and deliver financial advice that's free from judgment.

Michelle Francis | Fee-only financial planner

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Ready to Plan for the Next Chapter in Your Financial Life?

Schedule a free, no-obligation introductory call to learn more about my fee-only financial services including financial planning, retirement planning, investments and small-business retirement plans.

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