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Financial Advice Based on Your Life

My approach is different from your typical financial advisor. I start by encouraging you to open up about your finances to get you in touch with your values and goals, and identify the obstacles that might be keeping you from achieving them. My mission is to shed a light on what's most important so I can offer relevant advice and a plan of action you'll be motivated to incorporate into your life. 

Who's a Good Fit?

The types of women and couples best served here are 35+, work in an executive-level leadership or entrepreneurial role, earn a household income of $125,000 or more and:

  • Are financially responsible

  • Want a well-organized financial life

  • Want a coach to hold them accountable

  • See the value in paying for objective advice

  • Are serious about accomplishing meaningful goals

Sound like you? Here's what to do next!

Step 1

Sign Up for My Email List

Maybe you're trying to save while working and raising a family, are dreaming about working less or are preparing for retirement. I share advice and stories on money topics that are relevant to you. 

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Step 2

Schedule an Introductory Call

Once you're ready to discuss your top financial goals and concerns, schedule a no-pressure, no-cost introductory call so I can learn a little about you and let you know how I can help.  

Step 3

Attend an
In-Depth Meeting

After we've talked, we can meet in person or online to have a more detailed conversation. I'll help you explore your goals, review your financial data and share useful ideas for how you can move forward.


Step 4

Choose Your Financial Experience

Finding a financial planner isn't a decision to be taken lightly—so it's important to make sure we're a good fit. If we are, we'll get started with the financial services best suited to your goals and needs. 

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